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Chris Jobe is a Songwriter, Artist, and Producer who recently moved from Nashville, TN to Los Angeles, CA. Self-produced songs; “Lonely Lives”, “Cry”, and “Make It All Better”, gained editorial support from Earmilk, Ones To Watch, The New Nine, Billboard, and Spotify Fresh Finds playlists. His song “Thank You Internet”, a viral sarcastic commentary made him Facebook's artist of the day.

In 2019 Chris made it onto NBC’s Season 1 of Songland. His hopeful anti-gun-violence anthem, “It Could’ve Been You” received national news coverage when the episode aired eerily one week within a tragic mass shooting in his hometown Dayton, OH.

Following a year of toplining for int. DJ’s, NBC performances, creating samples for Splice, and composing for film/TV, Chris reemerged with his wavy-pop single, “Nostalgia”. His October debut LP “Why Do All These Sad Songs Turn You On?” boasts Chris’s soulful vocals, organic instrumentation, and unique grungy RnB infused alternative beach sound. He is currently working on his 3rd vocal splice pack, finishing an EP worth of production for Lisa Heller, and creating sync tracks for PremiumBeat under the moniker Pacifico Studios.

Please contact for more info, questions, PR & Bookings.

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